Ron Paul’s Questionable Voting Record And Personal Past On Racial Issues


Ron Paul has a questionable personal past and voting record on issues of race. His personal past and voting record concerning race should cause all voters to think hard about trusting Ron Paul with the presidency.

There would be little concern if he only had one or two things on this list. The presence of so many things makes us question his true agenda.

I will list the concerns first. Below the list of concerns are links to sources verifying the concerns. Below the source links are four short videos you can watch(Only one video is over 60 seconds.). The videos summarize concerns with Ron Paul’s questionable personal past and voting record on issues of race. Please take time to investigate before jumping to the videos below.

List of concerns.

1. Personally profited for years from newsletters written in his name with content containing racist comments and articles meant to stoke the fires of racial and ethnic strife.

2. Has spoken against the American Civil War.

3. Has spoken in favor of easy secession.

4. Has said he would vote against the Civil Rights Act.

5. Voted against giving Rosa Parks a Congressional Gold Medal.

6. Knowingly received a donation from a hate group leader.  He kept the money.

The Sources

1. The newsletters. html

2.The Civil War.

3. Secession.

4. Against Civil Rights Act.

5. Against Rosa Parks Congressional Gold Medla.

6. Knowingly kept donation from racist hate group leader.

Four Videos

Concluding Questions.

1. Can we trust the presidency to a man who profited for years from racism and stoking the fires of racial strife?

2. Who is Ron Paul pandering to?  There is a small segment of our population which:
* Favors racism.
* Favors secession.
* Are against the Civil Rights Act.
* View the Civil War as a mistake.

We know who these people are. Why does he seem to be pandering to them?  Can we trust the presidency to someone like this?